THE MASTERPLAN for a huge housing development has again come under scrutiny as thousands of residents have objected to the plans.

The £155m development, put forward by developers Peel L&P, will see around 1,100 homes built on the greenbelt around Mosley Common, east of Tydlesley.

A further 500 houses are also planned on the greenbelt near Atherton and 600 in Lowton.

Planned to create 200 new jobs and a "new community" of affordable houses, parklands, and a transport hub, the Mosley Common development was approved by Wigan Council for the second time last month.

Leigh Journal: An artists impression of the development at Mosley CommonAn artists impression of the development at Mosley Common (Image: Peel L&P)

The decision was made after a successful call-in by Independent Councillor Stuart Gerrard, who raised concerns over the length of the three-week public consultation period.

There were also objections surrounding the impact the development will have on the green belt, overburdened roads, and access to local healthcare providers and schools.

While the original decision was upheld by planning, environmental services, and transport boss Paul Prescott, a petition for further scrutiny into the development has reached almost 3000 signatures.

Leigh Journal: Independent activist Andy BrownIndependent activist Andy Brown (Image: Andy Brown)

Independent activist Andy Brown, who ran for Councillor in Astley Mosley Common this year, created the petition after listening to the concerns of local residents.

He said: "The plans for the housing developments in Mosley Common and across Greater Manchester started around eight years ago.

"Since then, Wigan Council has delivered 174% of the homes it planned to build and the population figures, based on the 2011 census, have not grown as high as expected.

"So the current supply of houses now outstrips the demand, and I don't think the development meets the exceptional circumstances needed to build on the greenbelt."

Leigh Journal: There have been concerns about building on the area's greenbeltThere have been concerns about building on the area's greenbelt (Image: LDR)

Following the decision to uphold the decision, Cllr Prescott said he was "satisfied" with the length and process of the consultation.

In a report, the councillor agreed that there would need to be a new primary school involved in the development and that a new guided busway stop and increased service capacity would help with transport links.

If necessary, the development of a secondary school and further public transport links would be addressed in further applications, the report said.

Leigh Journal: The guided busway would be used to support transport at the developmentThe guided busway would be used to support transport at the development

Not satisfied with the report's conclusions, Mr Brown said that he wants the council to "take a pause, review the decision and data again, and see if the plan is still necessary".

He added: "People have signed this petition from all over the area, telling me they are dead set against the plans.

"The petition is driven by the lived experience of residents, where the roads around Mosley Common and Tyldesley are already crippled and gridlocked at rush hour.

"Considering the impact the development will have on residents, we want the council to review the decision and have a lengthier consultation with members of the public."

Leigh Journal: Where the signatures have come from on Andy's petitionWhere the signatures have come from on Andy's petition (Image: Google)

Andy said if his petition reaches 5000 signatures, the Council will have to reconvene and consider their proposals.

To sign the petition, you can add your name here.