POLICE are imposing dispersal zones in areas of the borough including Leigh and Hindley due to a planned car meet this weekend.

Officers are taking the action to prevent anti-social behaviour and "reduce the risk" to the public.

Police said there have been recent incidents involving vehicles being "driven dangerously" at similar events held in the area, and concerns have been raised by the community.

The car meet is planned to take place on Sunday, November 20, say officers.

Leigh Journal: A map of one of the dispersal areasA map of one of the dispersal areas (Image: Greater Manchester Police)

Locations included within the dispersal powers include:

1) Leigh: the area bounded by Atherleigh Way, Twist Lane, Wigan Road, Nel Pan Lane, Westleigh Lane, Kirkhall Lane, Leigh Road, Marketplace, King Street, Spinning Jenny Way, Henry Street, the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and St Helens Road

2) Hindley: the area bounded by Wigan Road, Darby Lane and Market Street

3) Wigan: the area bounded by Stadium Way, Frith Street, Ormskirk Road, Robin Park Road and Scot Lane

4) Wigan: Westwood Way from its junction with Warrington Road to its junction with Chapel Lane

Leigh Journal: Another of the dispersal zonesAnother of the dispersal zones (Image: Greater Manchester Police)

A Greater Manchester Police statement read: "We are aware of a planned car meet due to take place within Wigan borough on Sunday, November 20, 2022.

"Consequently, in order to prevent anti-social behaviour and reduce the risk to members of the community, dispersal powers have been authorised for specific locations in Wigan, Hindley and Leigh from 12pm (noon) on Sunday, November 20, 2022 until 5am on Monday, November 21, 2022.

"A policing operation will be in place involving district police officers and teams from our Specialist Operations branch.

"We will take positive action against any individual driving dangerously or carelessly and in an anti-social manner. In addition to prosecution we will seize vehicles using our powers under the Police Reform Act 2002 and take action after the event if necessary, using evidence from ANPR and CCTV cameras."

It added: "This action is being taken due to recent incidents involving vehicles driven dangerously at similar events in the borough, in addition to significant concerns raised about this issue by the local community and the fact that there have been several incidents in the North West where spectators have tragically been killed at these events."