A LASER-CUTTING company that sells products to global clients is collaborating with local businesses to counteract the cost of living crisis.

Lazer 3D, based in Elizabeth House on Bold Street, just down the road from Bradshawgate, is a modern manufacturing company that creates custom-made, high-end PC and gaming cases.

Created and orchestrated by the "one man team" of Kevin Dolan, the highly-crafted products are often sold to European and global clients who are looking to improve the look of their digital software.

However, while there can be a hectic schedule working solo, Kevin said it has been a struggle to maintain the business as sales have plummeted during the cost of living crisis.

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Leigh Journal: The computer case design made by KevinThe computer case design made by Kevin (Image: Lazer 3D)

Kevin said: "I'm a one-man team but that's mainly because I can't afford to take anybody else on.

"Some of the products can be niche so when people have less disposable income or are worried about paying bills, this massively impacts the business and my sales have really dropped."

Leigh Journal: Another one of the Lazer 3D productsAnother one of the Lazer 3D products (Image: Lazer 3D)

As a creative way to pick up other sources of revenue, Kevin has been working collaboratively with other local creatives at Leigh Works; a collective of start-ups that take up space at Elizabeth House.

This has included a number of niche products and the upcoming 'Made in Leigh' designs, that celebrate the town in miniature accessories and paraphernalia.

This collaboration has been a breath of fresh air, Kevin said, as bills continue to rise going into winter.

Leigh Journal: The 'Made in Leigh products which are due to be on sale at artisan markets and onlineThe 'Made in Leigh products which are due to be on sale at artisan markets and online (Image: Lazer 3D)

He added: "It's been a great thing to collaborate with the other start-ups because it has given me an opportunity to pivot and open up other revenue streams.

"Made in Leigh is a new brand that we all work on to design products to boost sales and boost the town's image, and celebrate local designers and manufacturers."

Leigh Journal: Kevin in his Leigh-based workshopKevin in his Leigh-based workshop (Image: Lazer 3D)

This celebration of local businesses and local products is something that Kevin hopes the town can push as the difficult winter months, and the proposed regeneration of Leigh, lies ahead.

For more information on Lazer 3D, you can find the website here.