It's a conversation that has played out 1000s of times and will play out many times more for several years to come. What would you do if you suddenly received a significant sum of money?

This is often a context those who have managed to win the lottery have to face sooner rather than later. There are many options for what to do with one's newfound wealth. Some are more popular than others, but there are certainly a good few to lean on before exploring the less ordinary ideas.


While this is not formal financial advice, one of the best suggestions could be to invest a significant portion of the winnings, if not all. Interest and compound interest can soon see the initial sum grow and extend its impact for many, many years. Whether one does this can depend on immediate circumstance, but it's definitely a way of getting more shelf life out of big winnings.

Jet off  

Going on a holiday can also be a good option for one's newfound wealth. This can be advisable for those who have not travelled before in particular. The location or locations of the holiday don't have to be abroad, although they can be. Local is great, too, and you will be surprised to hear how many people have seen more of other countries than they have of their own.

Feed your brain

Education is another way to go. Whether it's studying further or simply upskilling yourself with new knowledge in your current field of expertise or interest, coming into a large amount of money can help with this. Additional studies can be expensive and when the funds for this are not obviously available, people have the tendency to put this off and just stick with what they know. This can be limiting, stifling even, but investing in oneself can be hugely beneficial. 

Level up

In this day and age, advertising probably won't ward against materialism, but it's good to have perspective. For sure, owning a few new items one has wanted for a while can bring joy. A new car to replace the one that has been breaking down all the time is helpful. Owning a big house instead of a small flat can help the collective enjoyment of a growing family. It's quite key not to get lost in this, though. Live within one's means and ensure that whatever the amount of money one has come into, it is put to solid use and can last longer than just blowing it all in one go. Doing it the right way can be very rewarding.

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