COUNCILLORS have secured funding to make sure that people are safe and noticeable while riding bikes over Christmastime.

With Christmas approaching and bikes a frequent gift, Atherleigh councillor John Harding and Atherton councillor Debra Wailes have purchased 50 sets of LED bike lights that can be passed onto residents, free of charge.

Cllr Harding said he has noticed a rising number of people riding bikes without lights recently, which is extremely dangerous throughout the winter months and dark nights.

Obtaining the lights before Christmas, which fit to the front and back of bicycles, the councillors have passed these on to Greater Manchester Police, who will direct them to those who need them.

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This has been paid for out of Wigan Council's Brighter Borough Fund, which provides money for councillors to propose and support schemes that improve the environment and benefit the community within their Wards.

Raising awareness about road safety, the councillors have also raised the issue of off-road bikes around Atherton and Leigh, stating that the Road Policing Unit has now been reformed and expanded, along with more drink and drug testing.

Planning to purchase more bike lights in the new year, they have also obtained 100 small LED torches as a backup light source for elderly residents over winter.