PLANS have emerged for a new Starbucks drive-thru in Golborne Asda’s car park.

The superstore’s owner, EG Group Limited, have applied for planning permission to erect a new single storey hot drinks seller in the unused section of the car park, opposite the petrol station.

The Edge Green Lane site would see a drive-thru lane, separate car parking and cycle storage, a planning statement claimed.

The drive-thru will work in the usual way of ordering at a speaker then driving to a pick up location further down the lane.

Leigh Journal: Golborne Asda carparkGolborne Asda carpark (Image: Google Maps)

“The facility will expand the range of services available in the area, providing new employment opportunities on both a full and part-time basis suitable to meet a range of employment needs which is a significant benefit associated with the development,” the planning statement said. 

“The site is not within proximity to any school, it is in an established retail location with the proposed development to be the only coffee shop in the immediate area.

The application site is well situated to serve visitors to the Asda store, other premises in the vicinity or passing by on the road network. 

“It benefits from good accessibility by a range of means of transport providing a choice of sustainable transport options for both staff and customers.”

Access to the site would be the same as entering to go to do your big shop at Asda. The existing Asda car park has 333 spaces and the proposed development will lead to a loss of 10 spaces. 

It is, however, proposed that seven new parking spaces will be built to serve the development, inclusive of two disabled access bays. The developers do not believe this would lead to any significant numbers of additional vehicle movements on the local highway network.

CCTV cameras have also been proposed in order to discourage anti-social behaviour.

Wigan Council have made no decision on the matter so far.