A POLICE unit that tackle serious and organised crime is relocating part of its team to Leigh.

In order to provide a better public service in Leigh and surrounding areas, part of the Tactical Aid Unit (TAU) will be transferring some of its operations from Leigh Police Station.

Carrying out high-profile disruption and enforcement and targeting serious and organised crime, re-stationed TAU officers will be able to respond quicker to crime and anti-social behaviour in and around Leigh.

With a focus on public order and the night-time economy in Leigh, Wigan, and Bolton, the restationing of the specially trained TAU will increase the visibility of officers and bring a "morale boost" for the local force and community.

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Leigh Journal: The TAU focus on serious and organised crimeThe TAU focus on serious and organised crime (Image: GMP)

Chief Superintendent Emily Higham, GMP's Wigan District Commander, said: "I am delighted that the Tactical Aid Unit is moving in Leigh - this will be a morale boost for the staff who are already working there, but more importantly it means we have more visible policing on the streets of Wigan, Leigh and our surrounding towns.  

"TAU is made up of specialist officers who can support my staff with hotspot policing, executing warrants, policing our town centres at the weekend and general visible patrols.   

"It is brilliant news for our communities and this will help us tackle crime and support our communities even more.   

"I would ask that the people of Wigan and Leigh continue to come forward with your problems and send in your intelligence in via the neighbourhood policing teams or Crimestoppers.  

"I want to ensure our new additions at Leigh are kept very busy indeed."

Leigh Journal: Chief Superintendent for Wigan and Leigh, Emily HighamChief Superintendent for Wigan and Leigh, Emily Higham (Image: GMP)

Chief Superintendent Mark Dexter, GMP’s Head of Specialist Operations, added: “Having a TAU base in Leigh will mean we can better serve the surrounding communities and support the night-time economy in Wigan and Bolton town centres.

“It means we can get to incidents quicker in parts of the north and west of the force area and allows better planning and sharing of resources across the rest of Greater Manchester.

“We also hope having TAU based in Leigh will encourage people who struggle to commute to the centre of Manchester to apply to work for GMP.

“The work is both rewarding and challenging, which provides TAU officers with an interesting and varied career, with opportunities to build on current experience and skills, and develop beyond the traditional patrol and enforcement.”