A CREATIVE hub aimed at people of all ages and backgrounds has opened in a new location in Leigh.

After previously renting two previous locations in the town, Leigh Hackspace opened up in Spinners Mill on Saturday, February 18.

Designed as a concept in Germany in the 1990s, Hackspaces are community hubs where people can get involved in creative activities, share skills, and reuse and repair materials.

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As one of the thousands of similar places across the world, the volunteer-led Leigh Hackspace offers opportunities for people to get involved in computer coding, textiles and sewing, arts and crafts, photography, woodwork, and electronics.

In addition to this, there will also be unique activities such as musical jam sessions with instruments from repurposed materials, photography in traditional darkrooms, and ceramics and art activities.

Complete with computers, 3D printers, and a relaxed community space, the Hackspace can also act as an alternative to home or classroom working.

Leigh Journal: The creative space has a huge variety of activities on offerThe creative space has a huge variety of activities on offer (Image: Leigh Hackspace)

Ian Harter, Director of Leigh Hackspace CIC, said: "People in the wider Leigh area have a huge range of new and traditional skills.

"However, many people cannot afford the specialist tools and facilities to develop skills and pursue their hobbies at home.

"We offer the opportunity for people to come to a community-based centre where they can try new things, use equipment that they don't have at home, and share their skills with others too."

Following the expansion into Spinners Mill, Ian said that the volunteers at Hackspace are looking forward to collaborating with the wide variety of creative organisations that already take up space there.

In the coming weeks and months, the organisation hopes to increase its opening hours and offer of activities even further, while attracting more members.

The team also aim to relaunch their Men's Shed mental health project in the Hackspace's previous location in Leigh.