A cricket club has launched an appeal for an essential piece of equipment.

Atherton Cricket Club is asking for donations from the public to help them buy a new roller.

The Eckersley Fold Lane club says the roller is important for safety, helping to make sure the pitches are level, and also helps to develop players and their skills.

Atherton firm Fisher's Haulage had previously allowed the club to use one of their road rollers, but had to recall it due to increased workloads.

The club is asking for £12,500 to help pay for the roller.

Leigh Journal: Three junior players at the club, Oliver Gredecki, Lucas Charlson and Ben MaherThree junior players at the club, Oliver Gredecki, Lucas Charlson and Ben Maher (Image: Atherton Cricket Club)

Club chairman Tony Gredecki said: “It is important from a safety point of view, to make sure the pitches we play on are level.

“But it’s also about developing our players and our youngsters, giving them the chance to play on the best possible wickets to develop them and their skills.

“Good wickets brings good cricket, you get more people watching and interested in the club and the game and also from our point of view to just representative cricket.

“It’s a piece of equipment that is probably going to last us around 25 to 30 years. It will cost about £15,000.

Leigh Journal: Samuel Gredecki, Under 11s captainSamuel Gredecki, Under 11s captain (Image: Atherton Cricket Club)

He added: “It brings huge benefits on a number of different levels, what we want is to bring investment into the cricket club and give all our members the best experience possible.

“I’m really passionate about putting something back into the community. There are a lot of good sports clubs and sports people in Atherton.

“It’s a great open space, a great place to go and relax, and it promotes physical wellbeing and mental health.”

To donate towards Atherton Cricket Club’s new roller, visit their Crowdfunder page: Atherton CC New Roller Fund

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