PLAYING around 30 gigs in almost as many days, the Lottery Winners joke that they are "truly on the edge" after a whirlwind campaign left "four idiots from Leigh" at the top of the UK album charts.

It is not something that the four-piece will ever take for granted though, lead singer Thom Rylance tells me, and after securing the band's first Number One album he will be "euphoric for the rest of his life".

After a tough chart battle from established acts such as Jessie Ware, the National, and Nines, it was announced on Friday, May 5, that the Leigh four-piece came out on top spot with 'Anxiety Replacement Therapy'.

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Leigh Journal: Anxiety Replacement Therapy went straight in at Number OneAnxiety Replacement Therapy went straight in at Number One (Image: Lottery Winners)

"I'll be euphoric for the rest of my life because it's just such a big deal", Thom said.

"We have put everything we had behind the band for the last 15 years. We knew what we wanted and what we had to do to get there.

"We just can't believe how much everyone got behind us, and particularly the people from Leigh - it's blown us away to be honest."

Leigh Journal: The pop-up store at Spinning GateThe pop-up store at Spinning Gate (Image: Lottery Winners)

As a quirky way to boost album sales in Leigh, the band launched a temporary pop-up shop at Spinning Gate shopping centre following the album's release.

Stocking editions of 'Anxiety Replacement Therapy' as well as other releases and memorabilia, the band also performed live in the store and had the opportunity to meet fans and speak about their music.

It's in these types of interactions, where fans let the band how they have connected to certain songs, that mean the most to Thom.

Leigh Journal: Lead singer Thom Rylance said there has been an overwhelming reaction to the albumLead singer Thom Rylance said there has been an overwhelming reaction to the album (Image: The Lottery Winners)

"It's overwhelming because that's what I listen to music for" Thom added.

"So many people have reached out to us and told me how certain songs have helped them - it's amazing.

"Don't get me wrong I love the [Number One] trophy! But that is the most important thing."

Leigh Journal: The Number One album is the result of 15 years of dedicationThe Number One album is the result of 15 years of dedication (Image: Lottery Winners)

Working in the band for the best part of 15 years, there have inevitably been some trying times for the four-piece, but Thom said these have been "far eclipsed by the amazing highs" he has experienced with a band he describes as his family.

As "four idiots from Leigh" secured Leigh's first ever Number One album, he also stressed how their story is an example of how anyone can achieve their dreams with dedication and hard work, no matter how long it takes.

Leigh Journal: The band have toured countless venues over the yearsThe band have toured countless venues over the years (Image: Lottery Winners)

While the band's dizzying album campaign has left them touring countless venues across the country, they are aiming to showcase the Number One album trophy in Leigh's Spinning Gate shopping centre, as a testament to everyone who has supported them in their hometown.

They will then set their sights on the continent's festival season, including huge shows at Glastonbury, and their biggest show to date at Manchester Apollo in December.

With their first Number One album under their belt, Thom says "it's only going to get bigger and better from here".

Leigh Journal: Celebrating with the Number One trophyCelebrating with the Number One trophy (Image: Lottery Winners)