BRITAIN and so much of the world joined together the celebrate the coronation of their Majesties, King Charles and Queen Camila.

The celebrations at the Windsor Garden party were joyous and a tremendous way to mark the end of such a significant occasion in the rich heritage of our constitutional monarchy.

The more stately parade and carriage ride, from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, was a dignified beginning to the sacred ceremony of the Coronation itself.

So many events need to be carefully built up to and then unwound from and the crowning ceremony of Charles and Camilla needed the best of both. Upon the death of the monarch the successor immediately ascends to the throne but the coronation is still a necessary event.

Whilst we have a clear line of succession now it has not always been the case. Previously, many would have claims to the throne so the death of a monarch would trigger rivals to stake their claim with as much political, diplomatic and military support as possible. Fortunately, we have long left the violence of succession behind us.

In 1952, when King George VI died Princess Elizabeth, on a royal tour of Kenya, immediately became Queen. Just as then, the line of succession is clear and Prince Charles immediately became King on the death of his mother. The Accession Council of privy councillors quickly formally proclaimed Charles as King and plans were begun for the coronation ceremony.

King Charles has many cultural interests which were introduced into many parts of the coronation process and ceremony. I particularly enjoyed the imagery of the Green Man on the invitations to the coronation. Whilst mostly known for being a popular pub name and occasionally mistaken for a pagan figure, the Green Man is a Christian symbol frequently carved into ancient churches.

King Charles commissioned numerous pieces of music played in the ceremony and it was remarkable just how well the modern and new was blended with the old and familiar. I suspect many advisors were employed to refine and blend the ideas to make such a splendid occasion.

One of the qualities that Conservatism brings is the maintenance of our rich history and tradition whilst allowing it to slowly evolve to serve our needs and satisfy our tastes. It is a check on constitutional reform which could so easily consign our rich tapestry of life to the history books.

I cannot say I am sorry that the small group of malcontents, who wanted the world's eyes on their egos, were stopped by the police. Some are upset that the whole event was not upstaged by activists gluing themselves to the road but most are pleased that the police did their job.