WARRINGTON Wolves have been poking fun at Leigh as the league leaders look ahead to their clash with the Leopards on Friday.

Taking to social media ahead of the local derby, Wire have been turning up the heat by poking fun at Leigh's lack of a train station.

While Leigh is not the most difficult place to get to, being only a few miles down the road from Warrington, the club has posted a video of its mascot struggling to get to the Sports Village.

A trip to Warrington Central proved useless with Leigh not having its own train station – a common bugbear among residents as Leigh is one of the biggest towns in the UK without a station.

A video on the club’s social media pages said: “Can anyone give Wolfie a lift to Leigh tomorrow night? We forgot it's not advanced enough yet for a train station.”

The mascot was also spotted trying to hitchhike outside Tesco Extra on Winwick Road, before giving up and appearing to walk.

Last month, it was reported that a new train station in Golborne, to the east of Leigh, was just one Whitehall signature away, with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and Leigh MP James Grundy both having the same direction in mind for the station.

However, this is still not great for commuters to get into Leigh town centre or the Sports Village, who will have to drive or get the bus from Warrington for the Super League clash. 

Although Warrington beat the Leopards 38-20 back in March, the return fixture is set to be an interesting duel as Leigh's recent run of form has left them fifth in the Super League table.