A HIGH school has overseen huge improvements in the space of its last two Ofsted reports, inspectors have noted.

Back in 2019, Lowton CE High School was ordered to improve its leadership and quality of teaching after receiving a 'Requires Improvement' grade from Ofsted inspectors.

Four years later, and after a change in leadership, inspectors stated that leaders and governors have brought about a "transformative improvement" at the Newton Road school, where pupils enjoy a "good quality of education" with an ambitious curriculum.

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Leigh Journal: Classrooms were said to be calm and purposeful at the schoolClassrooms were said to be calm and purposeful at the school (Image: Lowton CE High School)

Mr Larkin, the headteacher since September 2020 said: "I welcome this great report on our school, reflecting the determined efforts of students, staff, and governors of the school.

"It reflects the hard work, aspirations, and achievement of many. We are a school in the community with the highest of aspirations for each child that comes here – and this report reflects that we are delivering on that promise in all year groups in the school.

"Each day we aim to be excellent in all we do, and this report reflects that are delivering on that commitment each day."

Leigh Journal: The school has made huge improvements since its last inspectionThe school has made huge improvements since its last inspection (Image: Lowton CE High School)

In the report from March 2023, inspectors note how teachers have strong subject knowledge and manage pupils' behaviour well, which creates classrooms that are "calm and purposeful".

Effective systems are said to be in place to identify the additional needs of pupils with special educational needs (SEND), while there is also a clear programme in place to help pupils catch up across the curriculum and support those who are still at the early stages of reading.

Leigh Journal: Pupils are said to be comfortable in themselves at Lowton HighPupils are said to be comfortable in themselves at Lowton High (Image: Lowton CE High School)

Pupils are also said to "respect differences between people" at Lowton High, "celebrate diversity", and "feel comfortable to be themselves", while also being knowledgeable about equality and healthy relationships.

Strong safeguarding procedures are also in place, while staff are said to be "proud" to work at the school.

Inspectors did note that curriculums and learning could be developed further in certain subjects, and that the range of extracurricular clubs and activities could be expanded.

Leigh Journal: A further range of extracurricular activities could be offered, inspectors notedA further range of extracurricular activities could be offered, inspectors noted (Image: Lowton CE High School)

Following the positive Ofsted report and a record set of examination results last year, which was amongst the best in the borough, leaders have noted the considerable improvements and successes of the school in recent years.

Mr Larkin added: "The inspection ties in with how we see ourselves as a school. I would like to particularly thank staff for their relentless hard work and dedication towards our students, through the tough times of the pandemic and always giving of their best so that pupils can be their personal best.

"We never make excuses, we simply aim to be the best we can be in all we do.

"While we don’t run the school for the purposes of inspection, I recognise that parents rightly want an external view of how well the school is doing.

"This report will give confidence into the community that in sending your child to our school, your child will be safe, happy, and well, the school will have high expectations of your child, and they will achieve well."