A CHILDREN'S play area in Atherton will close as a new sewage tank is installed next to it following council’s decision to green light new plans.

United Utilities already have permission to install a new detention tank to replace the old one next to Vulcan Park, but have now been granted permission to build a control kiosk and access track to the site. This will allow their workers to get to the sewage treatment site off Wigan Road.

The park in Wigan is currently closed to the public due to work on on the detention tank began and the play equipment has been removed.

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The site neighbouring Collier Brook, which contains a playground and football pitch, will reopen once work is complete. United Utilities’ assets are in the west side of the park in the form of a brick built M.C.C Kiosk and pumping station, manholes, draw pits, detention tank, and their concrete walls, the design and access statement said.

The scheme of works will provide additional storage to the wastewater network and reduce untreated spills to Collier Brook and to comply with water quality standards. The kiosk will house the control panels associated with the detention tank.

“The proposed scheme of works is necessary to provide additional storage, in the form of a detention tank, that would replace the existing within the park, to the wastewater network so as to reduce untreated spills to Collier Brook and to enable compliance with water quality standards, as set by the Environment Agency,” an officer’s report stated.

“The proposed kiosk will measure 8m by 3m and is 3m high. The access track will measure 4.5m wide with a small turning head within the site, and will utilise the existing access point from Wigan Road.”

United Utilities has confirmed that an agreement is in place with the Council to fund the reinstatement of the play equipment following the completion of the works. The reintroduction of the park will be implemented by the council and funded by United Utilities.

No objections to these works have been filed by agencies or residents.