A MAKE-UP artist wants to inspire young girls to achieve their dreams after building a beauty line with more than 100 products that are sold around the world.

Working in the beauty industry for around 11 years, Hollie Fitzmartin, from Atherton, launched her own salon around six years ago with a long-held dream to launch her own cosmetic range.

Building up clients from her Market Street hub, 'Hollie Fitzmartin Studio & Academy' began to branch out to train others in accredited makeup courses, while also offering a standard selection of beauty services.

It's during the tough times of the pandemic, however, that Hollie's brand really took off as she began to launch her own range of beauty products.

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Leigh Journal: Hollie has grown her own brand from her studio in AthertonHollie has grown her own brand from her studio in Atherton (Image: Hollie Fitzmartin)

With an understanding of what beauty products she wanted, the past two years have been a stressful but transformational period for the brand as Hollie's business has grown to boast more than 100 products.

As social media influencers have helped to grow the brand's reach, this has propelled the makeup goods to go viral online and attract sales from around the world.

Leigh Journal: Examples of some of Hollie's beauty productsExamples of some of Hollie's beauty products (Image: Hollie Fitzmartin)

Hollie's beauty products have also been blown up on Europe's second biggest digital billboard in Manchester this month, while the success has allowed the beauty studio to grow to a 16-strong dedicated team.

This is all the while Hollie continues to teach aspiring makeup artists in her Atherton salon or online to countless customers.

Leigh Journal: Hollie and her team offer a range of beauty and teaching servicesHollie and her team offer a range of beauty and teaching services (Image: Hollie Fitzmartin)

Hollie, 31, said: "I've always dreamt of bringing out my own cosmetics range, and because I worked at MAC for years, I feel like I had a good understanding of what I wanted.

"I'm a mum and own my own salon, but I've been getting up at 4 am to make sure I have enough time to create the right products with suppliers.

"Influencers on TikTok and Instagram have helped us to bring in thousands of orders from all over the world, with so many people signing up for our courses too.

"I did all this without any money or help from anyone else, so I wanted to inspire young girls and let them know that they can do this, because I get so many messages and know that so many girls are interested in makeup."

Leigh Journal: Celebrating her brand on the second biggest digital billboard in EuropeCelebrating her brand on the second biggest digital billboard in Europe (Image: Hollie Fitzmartin)