A NEW community art exhibition produced by school children, asylum seekers, refugees, and migrant communities has opened its doors at one of Leigh's much-loved cultural venues.

The Turnpike Gallery exhibition, called ‘Creating Place’, explores what the word home means to people and has been created in partnership with Sheba Arts, lead artist Beena Nouri and Supporting Wigan Arrivals Project (SWAP).

Clay tiles, model houses, decorative screens and basket weaving are on display in the gallery and visitors can make their own additions to the exhibition throughout the summer.

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%image('17037286', type="article-full", alt="The exhibition , explores what the word home means to people around the world")

Councillor Chris Ready, cabinet member for communities, said: “This is a brilliant and collaborative exhibition which celebrates the diversity of our communities here in Wigan Borough.

“It’s a year since the Turnpike Gallery reopened and began its next chapter right in the heart of Leigh and we’re really proud to see it going from strength to strength.”

%image('17037294', type="article-full", alt="Leeds-based Mohammad Barrangi has been the resident artist at the Turnpike during the exhibition")

Leeds-based artist Mohammad Barrangi is resident in the gallery for several days during July, creating a wonderful new installation in his own inimitable style, inspired by stories and images from his home in Iran.

Artists Hannah Bold, Craig Atherton, Gemma Lees, Hattie Kongauruan and Kate Bufton are leading family drop-in workshops on Saturday mornings throughout the exhibition, as well as working with local schools and community groups.

The culmination of project will see a celebratory event in early September with performances, food and a gallery full of wonderful community art.

%image('17037300', type="article-full", alt="Much of the work has been created by school children and migrant communities")

Councillor Ready added: “The stunning artworks explore a whole range of themes to do with the word home, and we hope as many people as possible will get down to the Turnpike Gallery to see what’s on offer.”

To find out more, visit the Turnpike Gallery website here.