A father battling prostate cancer has opened up about his incredible journey and how he turned a negative situation into a positive.

Anthony Sullivan, from Astley, was first diagnosed with prostate cancer four months ago and was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate four years ago.

Prior to that he says he was not feeling well and found himself going to the toilet more often, which is a symptom of prostate cancer.

Anthony, 64, has praised the staff at the Royal Bolton Hospital where he had to have prostate enlargement surgery and where they initially diagnosed his cancer.

Anthony said: “It wasn’t great, but the hospital was absolutely brilliant when it’s obviously not a particularly good experience.

“The enlarged prostate was causing problems for a few years and became poorly about six months ago.

Leigh Journal: Anthony Sullivan and his daughter NicolaAnthony Sullivan and his daughter Nicola (Image: Public)

“The enlarged prostate wasn’t so much of a problem because it isn’t life-threatening.

“Life throws stuff at you and you just learn to get on with it and trust in the medics.”

After his operation he decided to raise money with his daughter Nicola for Prostate Cancer UK and has now managed to raise more than £500.

He said: “Within about two weeks of being diagnosed I had a CT scan, MRI scan, a bone and blood test and a biopsy to check for cancer.

“They moved me through quite quickly.

“Regardless of the cancer I am very positive about it and hopefully after treatment that will be the end of the cancer.

“I would say to any guy to go to their doctor if they have any symptoms because it could save a lot of trouble.

“As long as you get the diagnosis early there is a pretty good outcome for prostate cancer.

“I have got to take it easy whilst everything heals.”

Anthony says that he feels very lucky, especially the fact he had rarely had to go to hospital before his diagnosis.

Anthony is due to have radiotherapy in October for four weeks and hormone therapy and Salford Royal Hospital.

His son Matthew is now continuing to raise money for the Prostate charity through cycling.

Matthew’s goal is to have completed 200 miles by the end of the month after going on the journey at the start of the month.

His son also drove his dad’s car all the way to Bergerac and with their two dogs Rosey and Lilly, due to his dad not being able to drive at the moment.

To help support anthony's journey click here (cyclethemonth.prostatecanceruk.org/fundraising/matts-cycle-the-month-challenge).