A RADIO show run by those who have a passion for their community will host a full 24-hour schedule this Bank Holiday weekend to help secure much-needed studio improvements.

Launched in March 2022, Radio M29 is a hyper-local radio station that focuses on community news, feel-good stories, and current events around Tyldesley, Leigh, Atherton, and Astley.

Starting out of a garage in Tyldesley, the volunteer-led station now attracts an audience of around 6000 listeners a month due to this community focus, its interesting presenters, and wide variety of eclectic music.

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Leigh Journal: The station focuses on community news with a wide range of shows and musicThe station focuses on community news with a wide range of shows and music (Image: Leigh Journal)

As the station has grown to present multiple shows across the weekend, the volunteers are now looking to improve their studio equipment to provide a better quality station, and obtain a DAB radio licence which will allow them to widen their listener base even further.

With the aim of raising £3,000, Radio M29 will host a 24-hour 'Radio-thon' from Sunday, August 27, which will be hosted by Breakfast show presenter Bevan Thompson for its entirety.

Leigh Journal: Breakfast show presenter Bevan Thompson will be broadcasting for the full 24 hoursBreakfast show presenter Bevan Thompson will be broadcasting for the full 24 hours (Image: Leigh Journal)

Bevan said: "I’m very much an early riser, so it's the small hours in the middle of the night that is going to be the biggest test during the event.

"But I think the main way I’m going to be able to cope is the fact that, albeit for a couple of hours, I’m going to be joined by the other presenters on the station, who over the last year and a half that we have been broadcasting have become really close friends, so there's going to be very much a fun party atmosphere in the studio for the majority of the broadcast.

"Another thing that will definitely keep me pushing on through is the fact that we are looking to raise £3,000 to upgrade our studio equipment for our planned move to DAB over the next 12 months.

"We are using very basic tech in the studio, and while it has got us this far, we are hoping to replace it to make our community station even more accessible for volunteers, and slick and professional for our listeners going forward.

"So it's important to raise these funds to grow the station how we want for the future."

Leigh Journal: Bevan promises a party atmosphere for the fundraising broadcastBevan promises a party atmosphere for the fundraising broadcast (Image: Radio M29)

With multiple presenters and guests planned throughout the 24 hour event, Bevan promises a broadcast that will be fun, fresh, and with potential surprises throughout the day.

People can listen to Radio M29 live or on their 'Rewind' playbacks on the station's app, website, or smart speaker. For more information, you can visit the M29 website here.

To donate to the 'Radio-thon' fundraiser, you can do so here.