A controlled explosion has been carried out after an 80-year-old artillery shell was found in Rivington.

A man came across the item and transported it to his home in Leigh and the emergency services were informed

Fire crews were sent to scene.

Along with the bomb squad and police firefighters from Leigh transported the shell to Pennington Flash, which Wigan Council had agreed was a suitable spot to carry out the destruction  of the item.

Watch manager Steve Waygood from the Leigh Fire Station said: "We came across an old ordnance device and carried out a controlled demolition.

"It was found in Rivington, the gentleman brought it to his house in Faith Street in Leigh.

"We were called at about 1am and were there for two hours.

"We sent two engines there.

"The man who had come across it had phoned the police.

"We transported it to Pennington Flash and at about 2.30am carried out a controlled explosion alongside the bomb squad, police and North West Ambulance Service.

"The council said it was a suitable area for this.

"We also used a drone from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

"It is an unusual job for us but I have come across it before."

Apparently the man had been told the shell was safe to bring it home but later called the emergency services.