A YOUNG family has been forced into temporary accommodation in the Greyhound Hotel after the council deemed their house "uninhabitable".

Lorna Evans, from Atherton, moved into a house on Tunnicliffes New Row, off Firs Lane and Leigh Street in May 2021, with the intention of raising her two young children, now aged 2 and 6, with her partner.

However, what has resulted is a nightmare period for the family as the property's poor condition has "made [them] ill", and they have moved into three sets of temporary accommodation because of an ongoing battle with their landlord.

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Leigh Journal: Holes in the ceiling at the Tunnicliffes New Row houseHoles in the ceiling at the Tunnicliffes New Row house (Image: Lorna Evans)

With no doors in certain rooms and exposed wires and gas pipes, Lorna said that the house was not in a great state to begin with, but was assured that work would be carried out to fix any problems.

However, as the mum-of-two began to raise issues with her private landlord, she said her calls repeatedly went unanswered and the condition of the property continued to deteriorate.

Eventually, without any repair work at the Tunnicliffes New Row property, this left the family home without a functioning kitchen or central heating system, rising damp and mould, a ceiling with holes in, and rats reported in the property, Lorna said.

Leigh Journal: Mould has grown on numerous walls in the propertyMould has grown on numerous walls in the property (Image: Lorna Evans)

With "two children to think about", Lorna moved the family to a friend's house in December 2022 and subsequently to her brother-in-law's, with her landlord allegedly agreeing to repair the necessary works.

However, after further reports of silence from the landlord, and things became too overcrowded at the family and friend's homes, the family was moved to the Greyhound Hotel along the East Lancs after the council became involved in the situation.

Leigh Journal: Lorna moved the family out of the house over fears of the children becoming illLorna moved the family out of the house over fears of the children becoming ill (Image: Lorna Evans)

Lorna, 36, said: "The whole situation has just been depressing, it's really not been an easy time for us.

"With no central heating and no doors, we were all sleeping together in one room with an electric heater to keep warm.

"There was damp everywhere and I was getting worried that it was making my children ill, and even my mum was in tears at the state of the house, so we had to leave."

Leigh Journal: Open wires at the propertyOpen wires at the property (Image: Lorna Evans)

After Wigan Council's Housing Standards team deemed the Tunnicliffes New Row property uninhabitable, it has been confirmed that council officers are investigating the property and looking for alternative accommodation for Lorna and her family.

The council does have an Ethical Lettings Agency scheme where it works with private landlords to meet local housing demand, providing the condition of the property is to an acceptable standard.


Leigh Journal: Uncovered brickwork leading outsideUncovered brickwork leading outside (Image: Lorna Evans)

A Wigan Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of the situation and the Private Sector Housing team are currently investigating the disrepair with a view to taking positive action against the landlord.

"The tenant is being supported by other services in the council to help her find alternative accommodation.”

The Journal has attempted to contact Lorna's landlord numerous times to for comment.