A PRIMARY school that is an integral part of the community celebrated 50 years of service this month.

Located on Wardour Street in Atherton, Parklee primary school has seen countless pupils pass through their gates over the past five decades, as dedicated teachers and staff have equipped them with all the necessary tools to carry on their education and careers.

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the welcoming primary school, pupils, teachers, and staff went "all out" and dressed up in outfits from different decades - from 60s hippies to 90s spice girls.

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Leigh Journal: The school celebrated its 50th birthday on October 20The school celebrated its 50th birthday on October 20 (Image: Beck Wood)
With a "gorgeous" balloon display donated by parents, police, and local councillors, there was a huge party held at the school with lots of cake and singing and dancing to songs over the past 50 years.

Many past pupils and staff came out to attend the 50th birthday bash, with school tours offered to those who had not been inside the school grounds for years or seen the recent new builds.

Leigh Journal: Everyone got involved in the birthday celebrationsEveryone got involved in the birthday celebrations (Image: Beck Wood)
As the Wardour Street school officially opened in 1973, old stories and photographs were also shared by those who remember the original opening programme, with children walking up from the old school building on Lee Street with their chairs and equipment.

Deputy headteacher Beck Wood, said: "I've been here for 25 years and I love the family feel at Parklee, which was so evident at our event when everyone came together.

"People feel connected to school long after they leave as it is such a special place to be.

Leigh Journal: Teaching staff getting in the party spiritTeaching staff getting in the party spirit (Image: Beck Wood)
"It was a real community event. A gorgeous balloon display donated by past parents, police, councillors.

[It was] a wonderful day that will be remembered and now takes its own place in our history.

"Here’s to the next 50 years."

Leigh Journal: Staff said the party was a wonderful celebrationStaff said the party was a wonderful celebration (Image: Beck Wood)