AN EYE-CATCHING poppy memorial has been installed in Tyldesley town centre in honour of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

To mark 105 years since the end of the First World War today (Saturday, November 11), artists, councillors, and residents clubbed together to create the touching memorial.

With the 600-strong memorial standing proud on the Marklands building on Elliott Street, it has been completed ahead of Tyldesley's Remembrance parade on Sunday, November 12 at 10am.

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Leigh Journal: The memorial has been installed prior to Tyldesley's Remembrance paradeThe memorial has been installed prior to Tyldesley's Remembrance parade (Image: Cllr Eastoe)
The memorial came together after Tyldesley and Mosley Common councillor, Jess Eastoe, contacted members of the 'For Tyldesley' community group and their art network 'Elliott Hi! Street'.

Along with financial support from the council's Brighter Borough grants, the memorial was completed thanks to the contribution of dozens of residents, and well-known crochet creator, Debbie Smith.

Vicky Tyrell, from the 'For Tyldesley' community group, said: “I really wanted to draw upon that existing part of the community, who were already showing an interest in being proud of Tyldesley

"It was great to find Debbie, and for her to be so receptive to the idea of collaborative working .

"Without her, we wouldn’t have had quite the same reach amongst the knitting and crocheting people of the town."

Leigh Journal: Around 600 poppies have make up the memorialAround 600 poppies have make up the memorial (Image: Cllr Eastoe)
Cllr Eastoe added: "Myself and Labour colleagues put up poppies on the route of the Remembrance Sunday parade, and every year the parade gets grows in size and grow in audience, so I want to involve local artists in creating an installation that would respectful add art and culture to the town centre.

"I knew Vicky was well connected with local creatives, and her collaboration with Debbie Smith has brought the creative community to the front of this project.

"I can’t thank everyone enough who has made the poppies, using a variety of materials. I especially enjoy the inclusive element to the different colours of poppies showing respect to all of our history.

"Lest we forget."

Leigh Journal: The design rests on the Marklands building on Elliott StreetThe design rests on the Marklands building on Elliott Street (Image: Cllr Jess Eastoe)

Tyldesley's Remembrance parade meets on Market Square on Sunday at 10am, and will march to the cenotaph at Tyldesley Cemetery for the service.

The parade will march back to Buckley’s Fountain to end on the square, with a short service at Astley War Memorial, Manchester Road at 12:30pm. 

Special thanks have been given to the following:

  • Aaron Pearce
  • Adele Jones
  • Alison Guest
  • Becky Fraser
  • Carolyn Ritson
  • Catherine Wilkes
  • Christina Cooney
  • Debbie Smith
  • Dionne Doherty
  • Do Foreman
  • Eddie Stanley
  •  lan Tomlinson
  • Janet Regan
  • Jean Royle
  • Cllr Jess Eastoe
  • John Smith
  • Kath Boardman
  • Karen Ogden
  • Margaret Jones
  • Maria Hodkinson
  • Nancy Poulton
  • Nic Lawrence
  • For Tyldesley
  • Pauline Humphries
  • Shirley Farrimond
  • Sue Mann
  • 7th Tyldesley St Ambrose Barlow Guides Tyldesley St George's Church & School
  • Complete Kindness - Leigh Hackspace
  • Start Well Tyldesley - The Markland
  • Susie Mallon
  • Tracy Killian
  • Vicky Tyrrell“