A FAMILY business that was forced to close after just two months has had a hugely successful relaunch in Leigh town centre.

After spending almost everything they owned to launch 'Taste Africana' in a refurbished Leigh Road building, disaster struck just weeks later as the building collapsed on itself.

With the building deemed unsafe, restaurant owners Bryte and Cynthia Chinule were not allowed to enter their own restaurant and had no timescale as to when they could return.

So, concerned with the loss of earnings, the family decided to switch things up and relocate to Leigh town centre.

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Leigh Journal: Inside the new Market Street restaurantInside the new Market Street restaurant (Image: Leigh Journal)

Launching the new shop along Market Street on Saturday, November 11, Bryte said that he can have no complaints with the support from the community since reopening.

While Taste Africana has only reopened for less than two weeks, its more prominent location has attracted lots more customers in the town centre, while its larger premises allows for much more seating options in the restaurant and upstairs private lounge.

The business has also had a boost as many in the community have shown their support since the unfortunate collapse.

Leigh Journal: The Leigh Road building suffered serious structural damageThe Leigh Road building suffered serious structural damage (Image: Bryte Chinule)

Bryte said: "Considering we were a new business and then had to close for two months, I can't complain with how things are going so far.

"It's been tough but things are definitely moving in the right direction now and we are building back up."

Leigh Journal: The new restaurant can accommodate much more customers The new restaurant can accommodate much more customers (Image: Leigh Journal)

Originally from Nigeria, Bryte and Cynthia had a huge response from the meals they cooked for their local church and on the Wigan Eats delivery service.

Although they had never cooked professionally or owned their own restaurant, they were encouraged by the feedback so wanted to provide something different and bring a taste of their home to Leigh.

With a focus on Nigerian food, the varied menu contains favourites such as Jollof Rice, Goat Curry, Catfish platters, and grilled chicken - which I can say for one is delicious!

Leigh Journal: An example of the Taste Africana menuAn example of the Taste Africana menu (Image: Leigh Journal)

So although there are lingering problems from the building collapse, Bryte said that he is very pleased with how things are going in their new home.

He added: "The feedback has been 100% since the word go to be honest, and we had a great response to the bitesize foods we have sampled at the weekend.

"We need to make sure we keep speeding things up to help with the financial losses, but we are so grateful for the support from the community.

"We have put everything we had into this restaurant, so without this, we would have had no chance of surviving."

Leigh Journal: Cllrs Lee McStein, Debra Wailes, and John Harding, with Bryte and CynthiaCllrs Lee McStein, Debra Wailes, and John Harding, with Bryte and Cynthia (Image: Cllr John Harding)

With Bryte and Cynthia supported by councillors following the building collapse, Atherton South and Lilford councillors, John Harding, Debra Wailes and Lee McStein were invited to the business' relaunch earlier this month.

After the visit, Cllr Harding said: "Following a very difficult two months when the front of their rented restaurant building on Leigh Road collapsed, Bryte and Cynthia's new 'Taste Africana’ restaurant opened its doors on Market Street [earlier this month].

"The period immediately following the collapse of the front of the old building on Leigh Road was a traumatic and testing time for the Leigh couple and their three children.

"Their catering equipment and restaurant contents were in the building and, due to the risks of further collapse they, and neighbouring shop owners at 'Hairport' and the tenants of the flats above, were not able to access their businesses and homes.

"We were happy to be invited by Bryte and Cynthia to visit 'Taste Africana'; their food is excellent and they’re welcome second to none!

"We ask the public to please give them the support they deserve as they start their new adventure".

Taste Africana will continue to offer free bite size samples of its food this Saturday.