A GIRL denied turning “dark fantasies” of torture and killing into reality with the “frenzied” stabbing of Birchwood teenager Brianna Ghey, a court has heard.

The 16-year-old, identified only as girl X, said she was attracted to Brianna and also fantasised about killing her, but that she had no intention of carrying it out, a jury at Manchester Crown Court heard.

She also denied having to wipe Brianna’s blood from her face after the killing.

Brianna, died aged 16, having been stabbed with a hunting knife 28 times in her head, neck, chest and back in Culcheth Linear Park on the afternoon of February 11 earlier this year.

Prosecutors allege the “anxious”, transgender teenager was deliberately lured there for a killing planned by girl X, from Warrington and her co-accused, identified only as boy Y, from Leigh.

Both girl X and boy Y, both aged 15 at the time – now both 16, deny murder and are blaming each other for Brianna’s death. Neither can be named due to their age.

Jurors have heard girl X enjoyed watching internet torture and killing material from the “dark web” and had an interest in serial killers, with both teenagers fixated with torture, violence and death, it is alleged.

In the witness box for a second day, Richard Littler, defending boy Y, asked girl X: “Why would you have a fantasy about murdering your good friend?”

She replied: “I’m not sure. I don’t know where it comes from.”

Mr Littler continued: “I’m going to suggest, this was not fantasy anymore, this was something you could do. You could stab Brianna?”

“No,” she replied.

Girl X told the court the three teenagers had planned to “hang out” in the park, and while there she pretended to Brianna to be in contact via Snapchat with a drug dealer to deliver some drugs to them, but he was delayed.

Mr Littler suggested this was to keep Brianna in the park, adding: “Might it be you were just trying to get ready to stab her, trying to find the courage to do it?”

“No,” girl X replied.

Boy Y told police he went to relieve himself behind a tree, and when he came back, he saw girl X stabbing Brianna.

Girl X told the court that while Brianna was sat on a bench, she walked away to stretch her legs, heard a scream, and when she turned around, she saw boy Y stabbing Brianna.

Mr Littler said: “You are basically saying the same as him now.”

Leigh Journal: Floral tributes at Culcheth Linear Park in FebruaryFloral tributes at Culcheth Linear Park in February (Image: Warrington Guardian)

Girl X has denied trying to control or manipulate boy Y.

Jurors heard about a notebook found at girl X’s house in which she described boy Y as “very, very smart, genius level” but also a “sociopath”, lacking emotion and socially awkward.

Mr Littler continued: “I’m going to suggest to you that you pretended to be friends with Brianna. But you were not really her friend at all.

“I’m going to suggest you pretended to be friends with boy Y, but you were not a good friend at all?”

“No,” replied girl X.

“I’m going to suggest you stabbed Brianna?” Mr Littler said.

“No,” girl X replied.

“Do you remember, when you were walking away from the scene with boy Y, you were wiping blood from your face. Brianna’s blood, using your saliva?” Mr Littler asked.

“No,” girl X replied again.

Earlier, jurors were shown a crumpled, handwritten note of an alleged “murder plan” to kill Brianna found on the bedroom floor of Girl X after her arrest.

Notes were also made on serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez and Harold Shipman in a black notebook.

Being cross-examined by Deanna Heer, prosecuting, girl X was asked what she enjoyed about the idea of killing.

She said: “I’m not exactly sure, I just found the overall thing quite interesting I guess.”

Ms Heer said: “Did you like the idea of having power over somebody?”

Girl X said: “Yes.”

Ms Heer said: “Did you like the idea of being able to cause them pain and suffering?”

Girl X replied: “Yes.”

She said she found Brianna “really interesting” and “quite attractive” and agreed she enjoyed the idea of killing her.

Asked why, she said: “I just randomly get thoughts, even if there was no intent. I don’t know where it comes from or why I get them.”

She added: “It’s normally with people that I don’t like but not always, sometimes it can be with people that I do actually like, and I’ll still fantasise about it.”

Ms Heer asked: “Did you find the idea of killing Brianna, who you were attracted to, exciting?”

Girl X said: “I guess so, yes.”

Ms Heer asked: “Did you think she was prettier than you?”

Girl X said: “In a way, yes, I did.”

Ms Heer asked if she thought boy Y would also enjoy the idea of killing Brianna because he did not like transgender people.

Girl X replied: “Possibly, yes.”

She was asked about messages in which she and boy Y discussed killing Brianna by giving her cleaning products to drink.

Ms Heer asked: “Did you think that would be a horrible death?”

Girl X said: “Possibly, yes.”

Ms Heer said: “Did you enjoy the idea of that?”

Girl X said: “I think I did, yeah.”

The trial continues.

Cheshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service remind everyone that criminal proceedings against both defendants are active, and that they have the right to a fair trial.

It is extremely important that there should be no commenting or sharing of information or speculation which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.

Due to their age, reporting restrictions are in place for both defendants, entitling them to anonymity, as well as other children involved in the evidence.