A NUMBER of caravans have been removed from the town centre car park after growing frustrations from local businesses.

For around two weeks, two caravans are reported to have camped up illegally on Charles Street car park, just off Bradshawgate in Leigh town centre.

The vehicles, which were camped across numerous parking bays, have angered residents and town centre employees as some have been unable to find a spot for themselves or get out of the car park safely.

Frustrations continued to grow in town as parking tickets were issued to people on the Charles Street site, although they were reportedly not being given to the caravan owners.

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Leigh Journal: Caravans stationed at Pennington Hall Park in September, which has become a common problem across the areaCaravans stationed at Pennington Hall Park in September, which has become a common problem across the area (Image: Contributed)
Expressing her frustration, the mum of one town centre worker, said: "Everyone is fed up about the caravans, and it is not fair that staff trying to earn a decent living should feel intimidated and uneasy parking their vehicles.

"Due to the festive season, parking is busier than usual [...] and this has been affecting businesses.

"I'm absolutely furious that parking wardens are taking money from people earning a living but they are not doing anything about the caravans."

The resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, also expressed her anger at the length of time it had taken for the issue to be resolved, with unauthorised caravan parking a frequent problem across various sites in recent years.

Following the unauthorised parking, the council has confirmed that the caravans have now been moved on, with barriers set to be installed on the Charles Street car park to prevent further encampments.

A Wigan Council spokesperson said: “The caravans have now been removed and new height restriction barriers are being installed to prevent further unauthorised encampments.”