A man rammed a vehicle, issued threats at workplace after his partner lied about being sacked.

Nathan Aspinall then took an imitation firebomb to the home of someone who worked there.

The events unfolded after Aspinall's boyfriend lied about being sacked at Compassion in Action in Leigh.

The reality was his partner had chosen to leave the role, but Aspinall turned up at the site and terrorised staff there.

He drove his car into the vehicle of the chief executive and caused this to crash into the van of a man working there.

Bolton Crown Court heard the van was written off and the worker had to spend £9,000 over three months to hire a replacement.

Aspinall then went inside and demanded to speak to the chief executive.

Another woman told him this was not possible.

He then threatened her, said she was next and threatened to torch her house.

The woman warned her husband about this and later that evening Aspinall turned up at their home.

He had created an imitation petrol bom with a bobble and a rag.

The woman’s husband asked him to leave and described him as smelling of alcohol.

He tried to phone the police but Aspinall threw the imitation petrol bomb.

He then tried to light it and a fight broke out between them.

William Staunton, prosecuting, said: “The defendant tried to punch him.

“Both fell into the garden.”

“Mr Aspinall said he it was not over and he had Gypsies in his family.

“He was arrested.

“He said he had lost control, and seen red mist.”

Aspinall, 28, of First Avenue, Hindley, appeared in court to be sentenced after admitting grievous bodily harm, two counts of criminal damage, threats to damage property and affray during the incident in October 2022.

The court heard he had no previous convictions.

Oliver Saddlington, defending, said his partner had received a cancer diagnosis in the January before and he wrongfully believed this had led him to lose his job.

He added: “He recognises this was not an acceptable response.”

Recorder Imran Shafi said: “This was carried out over a sustained period of time.

“There are mere multiple victims of your offending.

“These offences are so serious that the custodial threshold has been well and truly passed.”

He jailed him for 32 months.