CHILDREN’s safety, health and wellbeing have been compromised at a nursery in Golborne following an incident that left a child with a broken arm, a report has found.

Ofsted have dubbed Superpeas Nursery and Forest School ‘Inadequate’ in a damning inspection that highlighted an unsafe environment for children.

Despite the staff undertaking training to better understand risk management following the recent arm break incident, the inspection in November found hazards, such as ripped flooring, trailing wires and stacked-up bags of sand, remained in the environments where children play.

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Children do not learn how actions affect others

Inspectors outlined in their report, published at the end of December, how “older children run around the classroom, climb on chairs, throw toys and hit one another”.

The education watchdog explained that staff do not consistently provide children with clear explanations when they misbehave or display negative behaviours towards their peers.

In the inspector’s eyes, this means children at the Bridge Street site are not supported to learn how their actions affect others or how to modify their behaviour to remain safe.

The report went on to say: “Staff in the pre-school room focus their time cleaning the classroom. Additionally, they often leave the room to fetch items they need, such as tissues and children’s belongings.

“Therefore, at these times, older children are left to occupy themselves. As a result, they start to roll around on the floor and squabble over toys. This leads to children sustaining minor injuries. 

“There are short periods of time when babies are left at the table eating, without the direct supervision of the staff. This compromises their safety.”

The categories of management, behaviour and personal development were all ranked as ‘Inadequate’ by Ofsted. The quality of education was given a ‘Requires Improvement’ grade with the inspectors praising aspects of the nursery’s education system. 

They stated that some planned and small-group activities are carried out well and that children with disabilities or special educational needs get the required support. The healthy menu and dedicated cook were also praised by Ofsted.

Staff to take inspection as an opportunity to improve

Michelle Holt, company director, responded to the latest Ofsted report by saying: “Whilst we are understandably disappointed that things didn’t go the way they normally do on the day of the inspection, we have taken this as an opportunity to further strengthen practice and can assure parents that all areas that needed improvement have now been addressed. 

“In addition to this we are happy that the inspector had a lot of positive feedback on our caring and nurturing staff, along with our ambitious curriculum and the positive impact on outcomes for children.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents and carers for their kind and supportive words following the release of the Ofsted inspection report.”

Ofsted requirements for nursery:

  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure children are not exposed to risks and ensure that hazards to children are swiftly identified and removed
  • Ensure children are adequately supervised, especially when eating
  • Deploy staff to effectively meet the needs of all children to ensure their safety and wellbeing
  • Support staff to be able to manage children’s behaviour effectively
  • Support staff to implement the setting’s health and hygiene procedures
  • Strengthen the oversight of staff’s practice to ensure that all staff have the skills and knowledge to carry out their individual roles
  • Support staff to help them deliver a consistently sequenced curriculum