A woman was cut free from a car which flipped onto its side after a crash. 

The two-car crash took place on Sale Lane in Tyldesley at around 4.30pm yesterday, Friday. 

A woman and her grandson, a child, were in one car which flipped onto its side. 

He got out safely, but firefighters had to cut her out.

No one was harmed in the incident. 

Watch manager at Atherton fire station, Steve Green, said: "It was a road traffic collision in Tyldesley, a woman had to be extricated from a vehicle which was on its side. 

"Her young grandson was in the car as well, but he got out prior to our arrival. He was fine. 

"It happened on Sale Lane in Tyldesley, before the guided busway. 

"The car was on its side and we had to bring her out on a longboard through the boot, but it took a while as we had to cut the seats away." 

Watch manager Green said the woman was not injured following the crash. 

He added: "It was a crash between two cars, nobody was injured in the other car."