A MIDWIFE came close to being banned from driving after travelling on the motorway at 68mph.

Tracy Penny was caught driving on the M62 in excess of the speed limit at the time.

The case of the 57-year-old, of Fearnhead, Warrington, was heard before Stockport Magistrates’ Court, with the charge being exceeding a variable speed limit by automatic camera device.

The court heard that on June 21 last year, Penny was driving a BMW X1 on the M62 westbound between junctions 12 for Eccles and 11 for Birchwood.

She was driving at 68 miles per hour – a speed exceeding the 40 miles per hour limit in place at the time on that section of ‘smart’ motorway.

Penny, of St Andrews Close, pleaded guilty to the charge and was ordered to pay a total of £481, broken down into a fine of £311, court costs of £85 and a statutory victim surcharge of £85.

No disqualification was imposed due to mitigating circumstances being given, and exceptional hardship being found.

The court heard how disqualification would lead to a loss of employment, which would impact residents with Penny being a community midwife.

It was also found that the defendant has significant caring responsibilities for a dependant adult.

As a result, her driving record has been endorsed with six penalty points.