NEW data has revealed the number of fly-tipping incidents in the borough last year.

Data recently released by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) reveals how many fly-tipping incidents there were in each part of England for 2022-23.

In Wigan borough, there were 2,300 incidents reported in this 12-month period. 

There were 107 fixed penalty notices issued and four prosecutions, amounting to 0.046522 fines per incident.

The borough was ranked 78th in England for the number of fines per incident 7issued.

How does this compare with neighbouring areas?

Warrington was ranked 107th, for fines per incident, with 13 penalty notices and five prosecutions arising from 1,407 actions.

St Helens was ranked 102nd, with 61 resulted in a total fixed penalty notices from 1,901 total incidents.