AFTER naming their jewellery business after their two sons, a husband and wife team say they "just want to make them proud of us".

Working in the jewellery industry for 25 years, Michelle Naylor had long wanted to launch her own business to offer something different and provide that extra layer of care for customers.

After an injury forced her husband Mike to step back from his electrician role, the pair decided to join forces and launched Jack Jordan Jewellers on Bradshawgate in Leigh in 2017.

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Leigh Journal: An example of some of the jewellery offering at Jack Jordan JewellersAn example of some of the jewellery offering at Jack Jordan Jewellers (Image: Leigh Journal)
While Jack Jordan provides "everything the big jewellery companies do", such as diamonds, watches, necklaces, and wedding rings, Michelle and Mike pride themselves on offering premium products at lower prices.

But where they really differ from the bigger firms, the family says, is in their bespoke designs, remodelling services, and memorial jewellery offers; all provided to go the extra mile for their customers.

The remodelling service has seen often antiquated jewellery, that has been in a family for generations and holds a sentimental value, brought back to life and restored with a modern touch.

The business' memorial offer, where customers can watch how their loved ones' ashes are turned into jewellery, has also been particularly popular as it is one of the only venues which offers this service in-house.

Leigh Journal: The business has a popular remodelling and memorial serviceThe business has a popular remodelling and memorial service (Image: Jack Jordan Jewellers)
Speaking about the business, Michelle said: "We're a small family business so we want to make sure we go the extra mile for our customers and create designs for everyone.

"People do come in with some crazy ideas but we do whatever we can to help and make it a reality, or find the next best solution.

"If it's important to them, it's important to us and I think that's why we have developed a really good customer base who always come back to use us."

Leigh Journal: Rufus and Casper are often seen in the Bradshawgate shop windowRufus and Casper are often seen in the Bradshawgate shop window (Image: Jack Jordan Jewellers)
With the jewellery business named after 17-year-old Jack and 23-year-old Jordan, there is a real family atmosphere at the shop, particularly as their two husky dogs Rufus and Casper also sit in and observe the comings and goings along Bradshawgate.

And while Michelle has more of the product knowledge from her retail background, Mike is more practical and takes particular pride in the remodelling or bringing memorial ideas to life.

After the difficulties of covid, where the business freefalled due to a lack of footfall, the remodelling and memorial services are where Jack Jordan has adapted and prospered as a unique offering in Leigh town centre, often bringing customers from across the country to their door.

Leigh Journal: One of the shop windows at Jack Jordan JewellersOne of the shop windows at Jack Jordan Jewellers (Image: Leigh Journal)
Mike said: "We try to give the customer exactly what they want so it is very rewarding when you bring these visions to life, particularly with the memorial jewellery because it's so personal and you can see how happy it makes the customer."

On a similar note, Michelle added: "The best thing about doing these services when it's your own business is being there throughout the whole process with customers and seeing their reaction at the end of it.

"Things have been challenging, especially during covid, but I think as a husband and wife team we work quite well, and as the business is named after our sons so we just want to make them proud of us."