The owner of an up-and-coming food hall and café has revealed exciting plans for the future as the business continues to expand.

Paul Rogers took over Provenance Food Hall and Café in Westhoughton four months ago, after looking for a place that provided something different and complimented his restaurant – HOME in Berkshire village.

Now Paul says he is hoping to expand the products further to include a dry aged beef cabinet, supplied by well-known company John Penny and Sons, fresh fish, and a deli section, which will be enhanced to include salads, and more.

Some of the new plans for the future include installing tables and chairs on the ground floor to introduce artisan afternoon tea.

Paul added: “Once we have settled down, and we know the new team that we have, then the experience will come out.

“This is not about eating to live; this is about loving to eat.

 “I bought this off the Tinniswood family who are really well known in Westhoughton.

“Brian Tinniswood’s wife Karen always wanted a food hall, so they created this around 14 years ago, and slowly they built it up.

“And one thing led to another last year, and I got the opportunity to buy it off them, and continue what they wanted to do, but in my style.

“We’ve done a lot in four months.”

Leigh Journal: From left to right: Butchers Rodney Mayoh and Rick Hatton, with owner Paul RogersFrom left to right: Butchers Rodney Mayoh and Rick Hatton, with owner Paul Rogers (Image: Newsquest)The café upstairs will also get some additional tables including a big farmhouse family table, which will seat around 18 people, and another table which will seat up to 12.

The café used to only be open on Fridays and Saturdays, but now Paul has expanded this, so the café is open from Tuesday to Saturday from around 10am.

Paul added: “After we have set up afternoon tea, we are probably going to break into Sunday lunches.

Leigh Journal: “Our restaurant is well known for Sunday lunches, and I also now supply the products from here to the restaurant.

“I had a clear vision of what I wanted, but it’s taking the old, and then either bringing in new things or bringing in what used to really work for the previous owners.”

Paul is also hoping to also host specialist nights in their café upstairs, supplied by their deli downstairs.

Leigh Journal: Upstairs in the Café Upstairs in the Café (Image: Newsquest)This will include themed nights like a steak night once a month, where customers will be able to book reservations.

Manager Claire Graddon, who comes with a wide range of experience in the hospitality industry, said: “It’s about giving a really great guest experience upstairs because all of the ingredients we use upstairs in the café are from the counters downstairs.

“So, it’s about giving customers the amazing quality of all our food downstairs and bringing them a great menu upstairs.

“It’s all about the guests for me, and no matter what they come in for we always try and help them.

“And it’s just about them enjoying coming to us.”

Leigh Journal: Manager Claire Graddon and Owner Paul RogersManager Claire Graddon and Owner Paul Rogers (Image: Newsquest)The deli has already seen two new additions, including Harwoods Patisserie and Hive Bakehouse, based in the local area.

Paul said: “Hive Bakehouse is probably one of the best bakers in the North West, and I’ve eaten enough breads at other places to say that.

“I’ve also known Andy Harwood, who owns Harwooods Patisserie, for many years.

“It’s just been brilliant for us because it brings in more footfall to this, and then people go over to them.”

Leigh Journal: Harwoods PatisserieHarwoods Patisserie (Image: Newsquest)Customers who have more of a savoury preference will not be disappointed with the selection of home-made pies, including their own secret recipe meat pie, complete with stock gravy on the inside and top.

The delicatessen offers a range of fresh produce, including meat from their butcher and a selection of sauces to compliment them, a cheese counter, homemade breads, healthy ready meals, sweet treats, hearty pies, and more.

Leigh Journal: Paul added: “Our ready meals are just two days fresh, and then when we don’t sell them or if we have them after two days, we put them in a freezer and then people buy them frozen as well.

“One of the aims of this game is that you minimise your waste, so you keep rotating things, and that’s why having a café upstairs really helps as well because all of this goes upstairs.

“Our butcher John Penny and Sons are well known for being one as being one of the best farmers.

“There’s a great range of different products for people to choose from.”

Leigh Journal: Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Cambrian cheeseLancashire, Yorkshire, and Cambrian cheese (Image: Newsquest)The middle of the food hall has also been opened up more so that customers can enjoy a wider selection.

Paul has run restaurants, bars, and hotels for 35 years.

Before the food hall changed hands, it was in the same family for generations, seeing its first customers as a toy shop in 1952.

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