A VIDEO has circulated on social media showing the horrifying moment a crane fell onto a family home, and the destruction it left behind.

As reported by the Journal, a crane fell onto a property on Flapper Fold Lane in Atherton at around 10:30 am on Saturday, April 6.

Following the strong winds during Storm Kathleen, a lorry that was carrying the crane overturned on the road, which led to the vehicle crashing into the roof of the house.

The crane was also carrying a metal container, which caused huge damage and a fire in the property upon impact. The family was able to avoid the crash with just seconds to spare.

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Following the incident, a video shot through Ring doorbell footage began circulating on social media, which showed the terrifying moment when the crane comes crashing into the house.


Just seconds before the impact, the video shows a young girl playing on her bike in the front garden while a woman is standing in the doorway, before they quickly get to safety.

A second video also began circulating on social media, which showed the destruction caused inside the home.

The video shows that the metal container smashed through the brickwork of the front of the house while an upstairs bedroom was also completely destroyed where the crane smashed into it, leaving a gaping hole in the property.

A fire is also reported to have been caused as a result of the impact.

Leigh Journal: Wigan Council are supporting the family to find temporary accommodationWigan Council are supporting the family to find temporary accommodation (Image: @b3n1b0y)
Following the incident, the emergency services closed Flappers Fold Lane in both directions as officers dealt with the situation.

No injuries were reported and it is understood that Wigan Council are supporting the family to find emergency and temporary accommodation.

On Saturday, a spokesperson for GMFRS said: “At around 10:30am today (Saturday 6th April), firefighters were called to reports of a crane that had fallen through the side of a residential property in Atherton, Wigan.

“One fire engine from Atherton fire station quickly arrived at the scene, where a lorry carrying the crane had overturned in the roadway.

“Greater Manchester Police (GMP) established a cordon on the street, while firefighters worked to isolate the gas and electricity to the property and clear spilled fuel from the roadway.  

"The scene has now been left with GMP and the crane operating company to arrange recovery of the crane.

"The occupants are being supported by the local authority to find temporary accommodation.”

A spokesperson for GMP added: "At approximately 10:31 this morning (Saturday, April 6) officers responded to an incident involving a crane crashing with a building on Flapper Fold Lane in Atherton causing a fire to break out

"A 100 metre cordon is in place along Flapper Fold Lane."

Sergeant Luke Mclachlan, from GMP’s Wigan and Leigh District, added: “Officers are working alongside emergency services to investigate and clean up an incident involving a crane colliding with a residential building."