THREE brothers have leaned on their family's experience in retail to launch a clothes and trainers shop in Leigh town centre.

With a love of fashion, basketball, and trainers, Hassan, Ahtesham, and Ibrahim Kamran have long wanted to open their own family clothes shop.

After looking into various potential venues, the perfect opportunity presented itself to the brothers after a unit became available next to their dad's businesses, the Tech Doctor and Treats cafe, located between Leigh Market and Bradshawgate.

With the three brothers already learning from their dad's retail experience, as well as from their late granddad's 'Sports Zone' shop, they achieved a long-held dream to launch '3B Hood' in December.

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Leigh Journal: Some of the trainers on sale at 3B HoodSome of the trainers on sale at 3B Hood (Image: Leigh Journal)
With a particular passion for trainers, the brothers have stocked the Leigh town centre business with a range of fashionable shoes, hi-tops, limited edition collections, with a focus on Nike Air Jordan's.

3B Hood, named with the three brothers in mind, also sells a variety of clothing items such as hoodies, t-shirts, tracksuits, and Air Jordan collections.

Leigh Journal: A variety of clothes and trainers are sold in the shopA variety of clothes and trainers are sold in the shop (Image: Leigh Journal)
Hassan, 22, said: "We have had the idea to open our own clothes shop in lockdown, and we have all learned from our dad and grandad's experience in retail and how they interact with customers.

"We are all passionate about shoes, fashion, and basketball, but we each have different things that we bring to the shop, from the business, fashion, and sales side of things, so I think it really works."

Leigh Journal: The business uses the strengths of each brotherThe business uses the strengths of each brother (Image: Leigh Journal)
At a time when many big-name clothes shops have left high streets for retail parks or city centres, Hassan said that the business has had great feedback for its selection of products and for offering something different in the town centre.

Hassan, who is still a student at Manchester University, said: "We have had a very positive response since launching the shop, both in person and online, and a lot of younger people have come in asking about our products or asking for jobs.

"Some people have even said this shop doesn't belong in Leigh! But we are happy to start our first business here where our family has worked for years.

"We hope to continue building our reputation in Leigh and we will see how far we can grow in the future."