A TRADITIONAL pub on the edge of Tyldesley's high street has become a tight-knit community hub for regulars, families, and vulnerable groups.

After working in various pubs across the north west, Sharon Mattin wanted to create a welcoming pub that provided something for everyone when she took over the Union Arms on Castle Street twelve years ago.

To entice people into the pub and offset the difficulties of the cost of living crisis, the Union offers a variety of events throughout the week, including live music events, karaoke and quiz nights, darts and dominoes events, as well as live sports and food offers.

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Leigh Journal: Ella Toone celebrated her Euros win back at the Union ArmsElla Toone celebrated her Euros win back at the Union Arms (Image: Sharon Mattin)
After a challenging time for the pub industry, these events have helped to attract a healthy collection of regulars over the years, and the building's huge mural of Ella Toone makes it known that the Union is one of the local Lioness' favourite hometown boozers.

While Sharon is pleased that the Union has become a place that brings people together in Tyldesley, what she is most proud of are the events that the pub hosts for vulnerable groups, dementia sufferers, and their families. 

Leigh Journal: An Ella Toone canvas hangs inside one of the pub's roomsAn Ella Toone canvas hangs inside one of the pub's rooms (Image: Leigh Journal)
As previously reported by the Journal, Sharon has been hosting the 'Forgotten Regulars' dementia group for the past nine years at the Union Arms, after she struggled to find enough support while caring for her mum who was suffering from the condition.

Providing a place to meet and socialise, and offering a free meal and live singer, the monthly events have worked wonders at the Union, as the music often sparks memories in those with dementia and transports them back to their younger selves.

Leigh Journal: The pub hosts monthly 'Forgotten Regulars' eventsThe pub hosts monthly 'Forgotten Regulars' events (Image: Union Arms)
The Forgotten Regulars also gives carers a welcome break and support network, and although Sharon's mum has sadly passed away, they have grown to accommodate more than 100 people with dementia and their carers.

Following the reception to these events, the BBC came to the pub to film a segment on them last year, and Sharon was later gifted BBC North West Tonight's 'Christmas Star' award. 

Leigh Journal: The dementia meetups were set up for Sharon's mumThe dementia meetups were set up for Sharon's mum (Image: Sharon Mattin)
Sharon, who has recently handed the reins of the pub to her daughter, said: "The dementia groups came from a personal story because I had nowhere to take my mum when she was suffering with the condition.

"My mum loved music so I thought she would love it with the singer, and I asked a few people from the pub to come along.

"Now the events take over the whole pub and I can't believe how much they have grown.

"I wouldn't have thought something so simple could help so many people, but we have had such great feedback from people who love coming and can't wait for the next one, so it is really rewarding."

Sharon explained that the pub also gets involved in a 'Two Brews' campaign to batch cook meals for the homeless, and the venue will also play a part in the upcoming Tyldesley Music Festival on Sunday, May 5.

Leigh Journal: The huge Ella Toone mural on the side of the Union ArmsThe huge Ella Toone mural on the side of the Union Arms (Image: Leigh Journal)