AFTER going through tough times, changing careers, and launching her own business, a beautician's main aim is to project the confidence she has developed onto her loyal customers.

Formerly working with autistic children, Hannah Davies switched careers to the beauty industry around five years ago and began developing her skills from her home in Leigh and later at a salon in Worsley. 

With a focus on high-quality eyelashes and eyebrows, Hannah has slowly built a large and loyal client base, and took the opportunity to launch her first beauty studio, 'More Life', along Elliott Street in Tyldesley last October.

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Working alongside nail technician Jordan Ashton, Hannah said that the most rewarding thing about her job is boosting the confidence in her clients and making them feel good about themselves before a big night.

Hannah, who is now based in Manchester, said: "I've been through a lot myself and I have had difficult times, but now I feel so confident in myself and I want to project that onto my clients.

"I'm quite outspoken so my clients feel like they can speak to me, and I just want to bring that feel good factor to everyone I work with.

"That's why I've named the business 'More Life', because life is so much better when you have that confidence in yourself, and it's why I see the business as so much more than just a job." 

Despite the uncertainty of opening a new beauty studio in the premises of a former dentist and bank, Hannah said that she is enjoying being a part of the thriving independent business scene in Tyldesley.

More Life's visible location has helped to encourage more customers into the high street studio, and Hannah said she is proud that the majority of her clients have followed her in her new venture.

Hannah, 30, added: "The fact that most of my clients have followed me to Tyldesley and keep coming back is the biggest credit for me.

"It shows that they feel comfortable with me and value what I do, and I'm very proud of what I've created with 'More Life'.

"Opening my own studio is the best thing I've ever done and I want to keep growing the business, recruit more staff with the same values as me, and start mentoring young beauticians who also want to start their own businesses."

Leigh Journal: More Life studio, on Elliott Street in TyldesleyMore Life studio, on Elliott Street in Tyldesley (Image: Leigh Journal)
More information about More Life can be found here.