AN idea to service and repair slush machines has quickly grown into a unique family business that sells a wide variety of food, drinks, and sweet treats.

Owning a business that deals with the servicing of air conditioning and ventilation units, Lee Gallagher was told of a unique way that he could branch out his business around four years ago, with the servicing of slush machines.

Agreeing to take the idea forward, but quickly realising that he had limited workspace, Lee rented out a unit along Elliott Street in Tyldesley for a space to work in.

While Lee worked on the slush machines, the Gallagher family decided to expand the business idea by selling slush drinks and American candy in the shop, and launched 'The SlushFather' around two years ago.

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Leigh Journal: The business grew from Lee's servicing workThe business grew from Lee's servicing work (Image: Leigh Journal)
After growing the SlushFather's reputation as a tasty treat spot in Tyldesley, especially during the summer months, the Gallagher family has since grown the business even further by taking on a neighbouring unit last August.

With Lee, his wife Heather, and their daughter all helping out in the shop, the move has allowed the family to expand their menu with a wider drink selection of slushes, milkshakes, coffees, and hot chocolates.

Priding themselves on offering products at reasonable prices, the family business also offers a wide selection of sweets, waffles, donuts and ice cream, as well as nachos, quesadillas, and hot dogs.

Leigh Journal: The business has extended its menu after the expansionThe business has extended its menu after the expansion (Image: Leigh Journal)
Speaking about the business, Lee's wife Heather said: "We decided to start selling slushes and sweets as we had more space with Lee's workshop, and it was a great spot on the high street.

"Then this shop became available and it felt like the right thing to go for it.

"It has felt like one thing has led to another! But we've had really positive feedback from customers and school kids, especially in the summer."

Leigh Journal: There are a few seats to sit inside the shopThere are a few seats to sit inside the shop (Image: Leigh Journal)
Although Lee services and repairs the slush machines all year round, as well as other industrial units with his 'Temptek' business,the SlushFather currently closes down in the winter months.

However, since last year's expansion, the family is hoping to open the business all year round and grow their menu even further.

Leigh Journal: The menu at the SlushFatherThe menu at the SlushFather (Image: Leigh Journal)