A UNIQUE new business has opened along a growing high street in Tyldesley.

With Tyldesley benefitting from a £1.5m investment from Historic England, the money has been used to revamp the shop fronts of 14 businesses around Elliott Street.

Benefitting a variety of businesses, the shop front scheme has also helped to change attitudes around Tyldesley and encourage further businesses to invest in the town.

This includes the new bubble tea business 'Bubble Brew', which opened in one of Elliott Street's revived buildings in late May.

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Leigh Journal: The business will focus on bubble, fruit, and milk teasThe business will focus on bubble, fruit, and milk teas (Image: Shay Wojtanowsky)
'Bubble Brew' is a new startup business managed by Shay Wojtanowsky, who has recently moved to Tyldesley. 

From its origins in Taiwan, bubble tea has become somewhat of a global craze in recent years, with shops dedicated to the drink popping up in cities all across the world.

The drink - containing fruit 'boba balls', sugar, tea, and milk -  has become even more popular following exposure across social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Aware of this growing trend and seeing a gap in the market, Shay decided to invest in the bubble tea business in Tyldesley; aiming to attract young people and their families through the doors.

Ian Tomlinson, who helped to secure the Historic England funding with the 'For Tyldesley' community group, will also provide support for Shay and the new startup.

Leigh Journal: Shay saw a gap in the market for the business in TyldesleyShay saw a gap in the market for the business in Tyldesley (Image: Shay Wojtanowsky)
Shay said: "Since moving up to Tyldesley from Birmingham I was surprised to discover that my nearest Bubble Tea bar was over at the Trafford Centre.

"I hope that this new venture will be enjoyed by the local young people and bring something new to this lovely traditional high street.

"We will add more flavours and toppings as the business develops over the next few months".

With flavours including mango, passion fruit, strawberry, honey peach, alongside regular fruit and milk teas, there has been a great response to the new business in Tyldesley, with many residents wishing Shay well.