AFTER dealing with recessions, pandemics, and the rise of online shopping and big-name brands, one family business is still going strong after 63 years in Leigh.

Launching in 1961, 'Brown's of Leigh' started off as a small DIY shop along Leigh Road, where Leythers could pick up all their hardware and household essentials.

Over the past 63 years, there have inevitably been a lot of challenges, but Brown's has expanded, adapted, and diversified to become one of the oldest businesses in Leigh.

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Browns of Leigh launched along Leigh Road in 1961Browns of Leigh launched along Leigh Road in 1961 (Image: Sam Brown)
First launched by Cyril Brown after a previous role at a Manchester furniture firm, Brown's of Leigh also opened up a furniture store across Leigh Road and grew to boast six shops and 28 staffers at one point in time.

Over time, the business has offered an increasing number of products, including tiles, doors, wardrobes, timber, and bathroom, and kitchen appliances.

Brown's also offers bespoke replacement and refurbishment services for kitchens and bathrooms, and has become well-known for its high-quality installation, specialist knowledge, and approachable team.

Browns has a wide range of DIY, homeware, and household appliancesBrowns has a wide range of DIY, homeware, and household appliances (Image: Leigh Journal)
Cyril said: "Sixty years ago, there used to be loads of DIY shops around Leigh and all the customers knew who had the best prices.

"Things have changed and a lot of these shops have closed now, but we're still here!

"People still appreciate how much knowledge our staff have because they don't often get this experience elsewhere, and this is what sets us apart, as well as the fitting services that we provide."

The business also installs kitchens and bathroomsThe business also installs kitchens and bathrooms (Image: Leigh Journal)
In addition to the specialist knowledge that staff have, another redeeming feature of the business is that many of them are part of the family or have been a part of the business for decades.

This has given the business a warm and inviting feel and the family hopes that this can continue to attract Leythers for many years to come.

The business celebrated its 63 year anniversary this monthhe business celebrated its 63 year anniversary this month