LABOUR won seats across the borough as the party recorded a landslide victory in the 2024 General election.

Leigh and Atherton

After James Grundy was elected as Leigh's first-ever Conservative five years ago, Jo Platt won back the seat she held between 2017 and 2019 last night.

Ms Platt, who has served as the general manager of Leigh Spinners Mill since the last election, was elected with 19,971 votes.

George Woodward took second place for Reform UK with 11,090 votes, while Conservative Michael Winstanley came in third with 6,483 votes.

Amelia Jones came in fourth for the Green Party with 1,653 votes and Stuart Thomas came in fifth for the Liberal Democrats with 1,597 votes. Craig Buckley won 376 seats for the English Democrats.

Across the Leigh and Atherton constituency, 41,170 votes (51.7%) were cast and 147 ballots spoiled.

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Lisa Nandy, who has served as the Labour MP for Wigan since 2010, was elected with 19,401 votes.

Andy Dawber took second place for Reform UK with 9,852 votes, while Conservative James Mitson came in third with 4,310 votes.

Independent Maureen O'Bern came in fourth with 3,522 votes and Brian Crombie-Fisher came in fifth for the Liberal Democrats with 1,692 votes.

Further independents Jan Cunliffe and The Zok gained 406 and 87 votes respectively.

Across the Wigan constituency, 39,270 votes (52.9%) were cast and 124 ballots spoiled.

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Josh Simons, who has taken over from the standing Labour MP Yvonne Fovargue, was elected with 18,202 votes.

Robert Kenyon took second place for Reform UK with 12,803 votes, while Conservative Simon Finklestein came in third with 4,379 votes.

Liberal Democrat John Skipworth came in fourth with 2,735 votes and Maria Deery came in fifth for the Green Party with 1,776 votes. James Bryer received 368 votes.

Across the Makerfield constituency, 40,263 votes (52.8%) were cast and 135 ballots spoiled.

Worsley and Eccles

While Worsley and Eccles falls under Salford City Council's authority, this affects voters in Astley and Mosley Common.

Michael Wheeler was elected for Labour with 20,277 votes, while Craig Birtwistle came in second for Reform UK with 9,186 votes.

Conservative Bradley Mitchell came in third with 6,791 votes, while David Jones came in fourth for the Greens with 3,283 votes. Liberal Democrat Jemma De Vincenzo came in fourth with 1,851 votes.

Nas Barghouti won 466 votes for the Workers Party, Independent Danny Moloney won 448 votes and Sally Griffiths won 241 votes for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

Across the Worsley and Eccles constituency, 42,707 votes (54.3%) were cast and 164 ballots spoiled.


With two seats left to declare, Labour has won a historic majority with 412 seats, with 9,686,329 votes cast and 33.7% of the vote share.

The Conservatives came in second place with 121 seats, with 6,814,650 votes cast and 23.7% of the vote share.

The Liberal Democrats came in third place with 71 seats, with 3,499,969 votes cast and 12.2% of the vote share.

Reform UK won 4 seats with a total of 4,092,209 votes cast and 14.3% of the vote share, while the Green Party also won 4 seats with 1,939,509 votes and 6.8% of the vote share.

Leigh South

The general election wasn't the only election in Leigh yesterday as residents in Leigh South had the opportunity to vote for a new councillor after long-standing Labour councillor and former mayor John O'Brien stepped down.

Barbara Caren retained the seat on the council for Labour with 2,389 votes.

Eileen Strathearn came in second place for the Conservatives with 989 votes, while Independent Jayson Hargreaves came in third with 502 votes.

Independent Craig Buckley won 330 votes, Liberal Democrat Christopher Noon 326 votes and Brodie Prescott 305 votes for the Green Party.

A total of 4,841 votes (50.65) were cast in Leigh South, with 76 ballots spoiled.