Food had to be thrown away at a supermarket after a power cut. 

The Tesco Extra in the middle of Leigh saw the cut on Saturday, June 29,  as well as other areas in the town. 

Unfortunately for the store, the lack of power affected its fridges and freezers, meaning "some" of its frozen and chilled foods had to be thrown out. 

Eyewitnesses said as late as Wednesday that the shelves were still bare, but the supermarket giant says things are now back to normal. 

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our Leigh Extra store is open as usual following a power cut in the local area last weekend.

"Unfortunately, we had to withdraw some frozen and chilled food from sale after the power cut affected our fridges and freezers.

"The store has now returned to full availability and we apologise for the inconvenience.” 

Speaking on Wednesday, an eyewitness said: "There was a massive power cut in Leigh at the weekend. Freezers defrosted and thousands of pounds of meat etc had to be chucked.

"The shelves are still bare now."