AN Astley grandmother has become a charity's top fundraiser after her auntie's courageous battle with breast cancer.

Following her auntie Christine's breast cancer diagnosis in 2006, Karen Fogg was in awe of how she battled with the disease and never stopped being herself.

Although Christine responded well to treatment, she passed away in 2014 and Karen has been celebrating her life with an annual 'Afternoon Tea' event ever since.

Raising money for the Breast Cancer Now charity, Karen is now in her tenth year of the Afternoon Tea events, and has become one of the charity's top fundraisers after raising £10,000 over the years.

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Karen looked up to Christine and was in awe of her battle with cancerKaren looked up to Christine and was in awe of her battle with cancer (Image: Breast Cancer Now)
Karen, from Astley, said: “I started hosting Afternoon Teas for Breast Cancer Now after my auntie Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"We were only 9 years apart in age, so Christine was more like a sister to me. I looked up to her so much. She was the person I’d turn to for advice. So, it was a huge shock when she received her diagnosis in 2006, especially as she was only 49. Her two sons – my cousins - were young at the time. It just felt so wrong.

“But despite it all, Christine never stopped being Christine. I used to call her when I was ironing, and we’d joke about her wearing a blue wig when she lost her hair. She did so well with her treatment, and we were hopeful she’d recover. But then the cancer returned.

“I hosted my first Afternoon Tea in 2014 - just a few months after Christine sadly died. Christine had been such an important presence in my life. Losing her was devastating, which is why it was important for me to keep hosting the Afternoon Teas to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Now.

“This will be our 10th year hosting an Afternoon Tea, and it’s also the year when Christine and I would have become grandmothers together.

"I do feel we’ve missed out on moments like that, so the Afternoon Tea is my way of keeping her legacy alive. It’s my way of honouring Christine.”

Karen has held an Afternoon Tea event every year since Christine's passingKaren has held an Afternoon Tea event every year since Christine's passing (Image: Breast Cancer Now)
With more than 55,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK, Breast Cancer Now has been encouraging people to get involved in Afternoon Tea events for the past 25 years.

Thousands of people host similar events across the country, and Karen will also be selling cakes, running a tombola, and hosting games at the 10th edition of her event, along with the help of her daughters Amy and Lucy on Saturday, July 27.

You can support life-saving breast cancer research and life-changing support by signing up to host an Afternoon Tea this August here.