A SUPPORT teacher has hit the airwaves to back a charity set up by the family of a murdered dad of three.

Westleigh High School’s Scott Burns is presenting a weekend show on the country’s first pop-up radio station, Newlove FM, launched in Warrington.

The community radio station is the inspiration of Newlove Warrington, a charity set up in November by the widow and daughters of Garry Newlove to make the town a safer place.

He was repeatedly beaten and killed by drunken youths outside his home in August 2007.

The station is the campaign’s first project and is now running for two weeks on 87.7FM.

Scott, 31, a learning support assistant in PE and behaviour, with experience in radio, was asked by partner Joanne, a producer/presenter in charge of programming, to do a show with her to help the cause.

He said: “We were very aware of the Newloves’ story. Helen and her daughters are doing a great job for the community and we were very honoured to be asked.”

With the continuous growing support of celebrity volunteers from soap stars to sporting heroes, Newlove FM has developed into one of the most exciting youth projects to come out of the region.

Content includes interviews with celebrities and top politicians Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

Garry’s widow Helen said: “We launched the charity with the aim to make a real difference by speaking directly to the youth community.

“Music inspires, communicates and motivates and we identified it as the most effective route to reach young people.

“We never expected to progress so quickly and I would like to thank all the volunteers involved in this project.”

“This is Garry’s legacy and I am determined to put my best into it and keep it going.”

Scott, of Hindley, who is presenting The Weekenders with Jo and Scott at 6pm - 8pm has been a studio assistant at City Talk 105.9 in Liverpool.

He is the ideas man of the Weekenders and specialises in finding odd stories from around the world along with his own observations and adding his own brand of comedy.

He’s also been a football coach for Wigan Athletic and a nursery nurse and says he has been voted second best presenter in his house.

He and Joanne are also running a 13 mile half marathon in October for the charity.