LEIGH’S Ben Dickenson is now ranked eighth in the world and second best junior rider in England after his success at the European Finals in Poland.

He produced some stunning performances to reach the final and had it not been for a fall in race two, and a snapped pedal in race five, Ben could possibly have been in the top three.

In only his second year of top-flight cycle speedway racing, his trip to Poland started with a tough pre-qualifier featuring the top riders in the world.

He sailed through to the quarter finals, amassing 15 points on the way.

Dickenson, based in Zielona Gora, had a 2½ hour trip to Ezsno to compete in the next session but qualified for the semi finals with ease, scoring a further 14 points.

There were top-ranked world stars dropping out at that stage, out-beaten by the British riders.

It was back to Zielona Gora on for the semi final, with Dickenson again cruising through with 13 points.

He had never been in a final of such magnitude before and he had the race of his career, finishing the final on 10 points. The winner, from Poland, finished on 17 points.