ATHERTON MP Julie Hilling has urged Ministers to explore alternative to their proposed cull of badgers.

Concerned constituents of the member for Bolton West, have got in touch with Ms Hilling to register their concerns at the controversial culling plan.

The government is considering the policy, which would see a cull across England and Wales, as part of a range of measures to control bovine tuberculosis in cattle.

The ‘Back off Badgers’ campaign, fronted by the RSPCA, urges Ministers to sanction the use of a vaccination programme for badgers ahead of implementing a cull. A TB vaccine for badgers was licensed for use in March.

The RSPCA argues that the government should enact a trial of vaccinations for badgers in Wales, and study the results, before going ahead with a full-scale cull. Ministers are set to make their final decision on the proposals in the Autumn.

Julie Hilling said: “Many of my constituents have signalled their support for the ‘Back off Badgers’ campaign. I have made sure that Ministers are aware of the strength of feeling locally and I hope that residents’ concerns are considered before a decision is made on these proposals.”

Further information about the RSPCA campaign can be found online at