WHEN police targeted home and vehicle security in Leigh, Lowton & Golborne areas they were surprised at what they found.

Leigh Neighbourhood Policing Team have been out checking vehicles and houses to raise people's awareness to guard against opportunist criminals.

PCSO’s have been providing advice regarding insecure front doors and windows after discovering two homes that could have easily been accessible to criminals.

“Leaving your front door unlocked or ajar, can provide rich pickings for the opportunist burglar,” said PCSO David Chiocci.

“I would urge everyone to make sure their property is secure at all times and don’t make it easy for them.”

Vehicle owners will also receive warning letters if any property of value is spotted by police, following a number of reports of sat navs being stolen.

Crime Reduction Advisor, Lisa Mogan warns: “Sat Navs are an easy target for thieves, ensure that you remove them from the vehicle when not in use. Please also remember to remove any cradles or cables which may leave your vehicle vulnerable to attack.

"Vehicles have also been targeted where there are suction marks on the windscreen, but these can be easily wiped away with a soft cloth."

Leigh Neighbourhood Inspector, Ian Kennedy admitted he was amazed at the number of people who leave valuable property on show or within their vehicle.

"My officers found an unlocked van clearly displaying a sat nav and with the keys still in the ignition. If we all make an effort to make it harder for the criminal, we can continue to reduce vehicle crime,” he said.