CAMPAIGNERS are preparing to get a court injunction to prevent the closure of Atherton Library.

On the first Thursday in August Wigan Council's cabinet will meet to decide the fate of the borough's libraries and a coach party from the Save Atherton Library action group will lobby councillors at Wigan Town Hall.

"We are presently looking at the 1964 Public Libraries Act which we feel will legally stop the local authority from closing any libraries and if necessary will present an injunction to stop it happening," said an action group spokesman.

"An injunction has been delivered to Gloucestershire CC and a High Court judge has said there is a case to answer.

"We are dedicated to our cause and are doing everything we can peacefully, legally and responsibly to keep Atherton's and other towns' libraries open.

"Libraries are a town's heritage and a vital part of people's educational and cultural development. A council is betraying its responsibilities if it closes libraries in a cost-cutting exercise. Cut out luxuries but don not sell the family heirlooms."

Already 4,000 people have signed a petition to keep the library open and the group has handed-out free T shirts bearing the legend Save Atherton Library and Our Community which were gifted to the group by an anonymous benefactor.

Campaigners will meet at 1pm on August 4 outside Atherton Parish Church for the journey to the Town Hall. Free transport is available for those who wish to join them.