AN INTRIGUING and entertaining film, written and directed by three close friends and featuring award-winning local performers will be screened in the New Year.

Local lads Craig Kendrick, Ivan Meredith and David Wilson will see their full length independent feature film ‘Echoes’ screened on the morning of Saturday, January 14 at Leigh Cineworld.

The trio, who all work full-time, have spent years perfecting their intelligent mystery drama, using their ingenuity and practical know-how to produce a film that belies its low budget.

‘Echoes’ is a film that will intrigue and entertain. It features actors from Tyldesley Little Theatre and Leigh St. Josephs Players combining with an original music score and painstakingly professional filming and editing.

Dave Hidie, played by Tyldesley’s Ian Taylor, is a troubled man. Seeking closure and peace of mind following the trauma of family bereavement, he and his wife, played by Clare Nash, have tried to move on.

New home, new job, new friends. Everything should be coming together - if not for the visions, the voices...and the feeling that someone, somewhere, is trying to tell Dave something...something that will have shatteringly life changing effect. Dave is experiencing the echoes of something deep and dark that should, perhaps, be left well alone.

Fans of thoughtful drama and intelligent suspense should be delighted, and more information can be found on the official movie website at where tickets for future events can be booked.

Ian Taylor told the Journal: "The film was completed earlier this year and was screened for cast and crew in the function room above Leigh Library during the summer. Now, thanks to Leigh Cineworld, 'Echoes' is receiving a proper cinema screening.

"It has been a great experience for me, but Craig Kendrick, Ivan Meredith and David really deserve to be celebrated."

‘Echoes’ is already attracting attention from the likes of the Bradford Film Festival and the BBC. Nobody knows quite where this exciting cinematic adventure will end, but Leigh is where this milestone in North West film history starts.