ATHERTON MP Julie Hilling has joined campaigners on the first anniversary of the ‘No Cruel Cosmetics’ campaign to end animal testing for toiletries and cosmetics.

Despite UK and EU bans on animal testing for cosmetics, products can still be tested on animals in other parts of the world and then imported and sold in the EU. A marketing ban which would end this cruelty is due to come into effect in 2013.

However, it is now in danger of being delayed, meaning that hundreds of thousands more rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats will be injected, gassed or force-fed cosmetics worldwide for new beauty products sold in the EU, including the UK.

The coming weeks will be critical as an announcement is expected shortly from the European Commission regarding its proposal for the 2013 ban.

Over 150,000 people across the UK and EU, including Ms Hilling, have already signed the ‘No Cruel Cosmetics’ petition which is being sent to the European Parliament. The BUAV (the body campaiging to end all animal experiments) petition can be signed at The member for Bolton West said: “I am pleased to support the ‘No Cruel Cosmetics’ campaign, and I urge the European Commission to listen to the people and implement the ban on animal tested cosmetics."

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of BUAV, said: "We are delighted to have support from Julie Hilling MP for our campaign to end cruel tests on animals for beauty products sold in the EU. Testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Please sign our petition to the European Parliament at"