ALIENS landed in Westleigh this week much to the surprise and delight of pupils at Twelve Apostles RC Primary School.

On Monday space ship landed on the school field signalling the start of a fortnight long reading and writing festival. Excited youngsters have been investigating the strange craft with its strange lights and weird sounds coinciding with strange sightings around the Leigh area.

"Pupils are now busy writing about the strange craft and have become immersed in space themed topics, writing stories, poetry and reading lots of books on this theme," said Year 4 teacher Maureen Ryan.

And in another part of Leigh Sean Johnson and partner Fiona Young had finished an enjoyable takeaway meal on Saturday night topped off with a super meteor!

The Conway Close couple, who have a one year-old son Lucas-James, had left the curtains open awaiting their meal delivery.

Twenty-one year old chef Sean explained: "We had finished eating, but I'd forgotten to close the curtains, I glanced out of the window and saw the most unusual sight ever! It looked like a plane that was on fire but I realised it was moving way too fast."

He shouted to partner Fiona, 22, a catering assistant at Morrison's in Leigh, that he had just seen a shooting star.

"We looked through the back window and saw it flying overhead. The whole thing lasted only a few seconds, it felt magical inside.

"Thanks to you at the Leigh Journal I found out my shooting star was actually a meteor, and I wasn't imagining things!"

Police and weather experts revealed it was a meteor after dealing with dozens of sighting reports from 9.40pm onwards on Saturday.

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